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Howdy. I'm Rachel M.L. Dixon. I am a digital humanities M.A. student at The Graduate Center @ CUNY. My current research focuses on ludo-literary theory, universal design, digital folklore & how we tell the the story of our subcultures and in what form (narratology/linguistics are my love languages).V. into mapping the links between languages, histories, and the arts, especially music, play, and poetics. More interested than most in the significance of "The Housewives™." I lose sleep about how much of y/our personal data are saved (and used curiously), while movies/video game/tv/music/(other things folks use as cultural signifiers)' data are being erased. I am therefore super ultra open to more research on such things. call🤙🏽 me.


Here's some of my recent tinkering.


Oh you're still here? Rock! 🤘🏽 I am a digital humanist because my career trajectory worked all squiggly like: study opera & modern dance for about 10 years > become a software product manager and game designer (things happen) for ~15 years > start thinking maybe I'm a part of the problem > back to school. Oh, write and publish the whole dang time - which is less of a career anything and more of a compulsive self-destructive habit disguised as art. J/K poetry is life-giving! Anyway, how to best meld code & literature & language & media?I finished up my undergrad in literature and creative writing - these seemed so much more "stable" and "grown up" than the performing arts, folks! So yes I write la poesie and short fiction when I'm not off making cross-cultural playable archives, and I am passionate about electric literature and generative text.I'm serious about fun. "Fun" is a tough concept and is often associated with youth and some of our negative associations with youth. I assure you nothing is smarter or better or more mature when it's more, um, unfun.When I am not mapping the real housewives or explaining why they're of the most important shows on TV, you can also find me as your hype woman at Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons, trying to convince you that it is OK to like sports using some ridiculous comparative model, or likely putting something mundane in a spreadsheet or 2x2 comparative grid. I also do many many other non-academic things, amen.You're all fantastic. Thank you for being here.


Here to collaborate with other DHers anytime. You might be one! @ me.For my tech & writing & music & general site, check out