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Digital WhoseManIsDees

Sup. I'm Rachel Dixon. I am a digital humanities grad student at CUNY with a specialization in folklore, digital archival, and how play impacts learning and work. I am interested in how technology impacts both scholarship and "popular" culture.


Here's some of my recent tinkering.


I am a first-year, half-time student at CUNY's Graduate Center MA program in Digital Humanities. 🤘🏽I have been making games since before Github and Unity, which I say to sound cool but actually makes learning those things kind of hard, because something something neuroplasticity. I did my undergrad in literature and creative writing, and I write pomes and short fiction when not making cross cultural video game vampire archives. Maybe! Also, sometimes you will find me singing.

I'm interested in preserving the cultural experiences that are at risk because of their ephemerality, digitally and otherwise. I'm interested in collaborative knowledge systems and platforms, and I consider folklore to be a kind of collaborative knowledge system and self-sustaining cultural artifacts. I'm interested in if/how digital interventions alter tradition, or preserves it.

I don't look like many of the cultural gatekeepers, so maybe it should go without saying but: I approach DH things naturally from a feminist, queer, and postcolonial framework (but have been hella reared in colonial systems so I also crush on William James frequently, leave me be [and also give me new references]). I also just make things that don't fit in these boxes, for these purposes. Welcome to my sandbox.


Here to collaborate with other DHers anytime. @ me.

For my tech & writing / general site, check out